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My name is Fernando Rivera. I know what it is to be street tough. I also know what it is to be tough enough to get into a cage or ring. This is Hoodlum Fight Gear "HOODLUM" is a term for street tough in the U.S. According to Herbert Asbury, the author of Gangs of New York who also wrote a book on San Francisco's Barbary Coast section (The Barbary Coast), it originated in San Francisco in the mid to late 19th century from a local newspaper's rendering of a gang's call to fight, i.e. "huddle 'em". "Hoodlum" can also be compared to saying that one is like a gangster.

Hoodlum Fight Gear has been in business for over 7 years. I've been through all the trials and tribulations a man can handle. Even thought of giving up. But, I just layed low trying to get life in order. I'm still in that process. But I have friends who reached out and saw that Hoodlum Fight Gear needs to rise again. The "Real" Hoodlum Fight Gear. Because there are wannabes and impostors out there. But, the "Real" Hoodlum is here to stay. I've been around for over 7 years. I'm not going anywhere. And now with my new affiliations, partners and all new variety and designs, shit just got real.

Let me introduce "Max Pain Fight Wear". They are based out of Canada. There may not be blood shared, but they are family. So I decided to affiliate "my" real "Hoodlum Fight Gear" and Huddle up my gang and show what we are all about. I will have all new official Hoodlum real soon. Keep checking in. But for now, get your fill and check out my bad ass fam.


Fernando "The Solid One" Rivera

Real owner to the Real Hoodlum Fight Gear

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